Royal Caribbean Group's Blue Green Promise

As a cruise line, we’re only as vibrant as the seas we sail and the places we visit. Ensuring their survival and success is our highest responsibility—one we gladly accept.

Our Blue Green PromiseSM is a powerful commitment to support sustainable and resilient ocean communities all over the world by:

Protecting the oceans

We’re working to ensure their health and vitality for generations to come by protecting and restoring ecosystems; reducing marine pollution; and advancing sustainable seafood and supporting biodiversity.

Inspiring future generations

To help develop the next generation of leaders committed to healthy ocean communities, we’re investing in educational resources, supporting conservation education, and providing skills training.

Empowering communities

We’re partnering with the ocean communities we visit to ensure their continued cultural and economic vibrancy by supporting small businesses and local entrepreneurs, and promoting economic growth through employment opportunities.

Living our Blue Green PromiseSM

At Royal Caribbean Group, respect for the oceans isn’t a choice—it’s a way of life. We’d like to highlight some of the ways we’re helping support ocean communities:

Sea Turtles

We’re partnering with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to support important sea turtle conservation efforts across the globe. From reducing the entanglement of sea turtles in fishing nets to raising awareness of threats to leatherback egg harvesting, these efforts continue making strides in the preservation of this beautiful species. One Mexican fishery saw an 80% reduction in the amount of sea life unintentionally caught in its nets. In Indonesia, the loss of leatherback eggs has reduced from 83% to less than 30% a season. We look forward to continuing to support initiatives that encourage sustainable practices and promote the well-being of our oceans.

Salmon Walk

Royal Caribbean is a proud sponsor of the Ketchikan Salmon Walk. This unique attraction, scheduled to open in May 2023, showcases the art, history, and relationship between salmon and the natural environs of Alaska’s Ketchikan Creek, which is used by the fish as they swim upstream to spawn.

Whale sharks

Travelers from across the world make their way to the small town of Donsol in the Philippines to see whale sharks. To help protect these magnificent creatures and support sustainable tourism in Donsol, Royal Caribbean has teamed up with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to promote conservation and education efforts in the area.

World Wildlife Fund

Our work with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is a cornerstone of our efforts to improve the health of the oceans. Since 2016, we’ve raised more than $8.4 million with them to fund conservation efforts, and we’ve recently committed to another 5 years and $5 million in support of this vital partnership. 

In keeping with our mission to enhance the wellbeing of our communities, Royal Caribbean Group is happy to offer monetary funding and in-kind cruise donations to non-profit organizations with like-minded goals.

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The Blue Green Promise is just one way we’re helping communities in need—discover other ways the Royal Caribbean Group is making a difference: