Jun 7, 2020 · News

Oceans are 71% of the planet and 100% critical to our business

We have a responsibility to the guests who sail with us, the people who work for us and the communities we visit, but most critically we have a responsibility to the oceans – they are not only at the heart of our business, but connect each and every one of us.

Our mantra is continuous improvement. It drives us to improve everything. In 2016, we challenged ourselves to expand our conservation and sustainable business practices and so we partnered with one of the world’s most respected conservation organizations, World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Together we have set out on a five-year journey to help ensure the long-term health of the oceans.

The health of our planet is dependent upon the health of our oceans. Climate change continues to wreak havoc on ocean habitats, that’s why we support the We are Still In movement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Learn much more in our 2019 Seastainability Report.