Nov 20, 2017 · News

Twice as nice

Royal Caribbean is one of the world’s best places to work, certified. And, perhaps not coincidentally, it’s one of the most admired companies on the globe, also certified.

Last spring Forbes, whose business is business, cited RCL on its Global 2000 list of America’s Best Employers, earning the honor after a survey of 30,000 U.S. workers who were asked how likely they’d be to recommend their organization to friends or family.

Then this fall, Forbes again cited RCL, this time for being one of the world’s Top Regarded Companies.

Neither were taken lightly.

“These are great honors as the Forbes lists are highly visible to potential new hires, and we strive to be an employer of choice,” says Francisca F. Phillips, senior analyst, Engagement Diversity & Inclusion in RCL’s human resources department. “I have worked for RCL for 12 years and I am very proud that finally we are being recognized for our internal efforts with our company culture.”

The most recent citation arose from an examination of 15,000 survey respondents who were asked for their opinions in an online questionnaire. Evaluation of the companies’ reputation were based on:

  • Honesty – This includes trustworthiness, credibility and appreciation of its customers.
  • Social Conduct – How the company fulfills its social responsibilities and if it is environmentally “friendly.”
  • Company as an Employer – Is the company an “attractive employer” within its industry, and is it effective and well-managed?
  • Performance of Product/Services – Findings that the company offers high-quality products and/or services that fulfill customer expectations.

Forbes explained: “A company’s worldwide reputation is composed of its reputation in the domestic market, in the wider region as well as globally, whereby differences between those can occur.

“Therefore a separate assessment was conducted by taking all three scores into account.”

Phillips says the double recognition “are great accomplishments, especially because they don’t rely on applications, but on pure employee opinion.
“We already have amazing, highly recognized products with each of our brands. Now it’s time the world also knows us for having the best employees who allow us to have these great products.”

The Top Regarded Companies list featured 61 U.S. businesses.