Jun 8, 2020 · News

2019 Seastainability Report: Respect for the oceans is our way of life

“What’s gets measured gets better” is often heard through the halls at Royal Caribbean. Reports such as the company’s annual Seastainability Report not only measure  but provide accountability and transparency into the company’s operations.

For over ten years now RCL has measured its stewardship journey through its sustainability report.  It has helped guide generate programs and initiatives that create more value for the company and our stakeholders.

In 2013, their reporting shifted to follow the internationally recognized Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). Following GRI’s materiality principles provides a framework to reflect on performance, evaluate progress, and identify opportunities for improvement.

RCL’s latest report includes updates on the company’s most ambitious sustainability initiative — its 2020 Sustainability Targets; its role in humanitarian efforts such a Hurricane Dorian and its work in Diversity and Inclusion.

Starting today, you can read about RCL’s progress and its latest initiatives at its 2019 Seastainability Report.