Launching a unified voyage into the future, on March 14, Royal Caribbean Group brought the newest ships from each of its three industry-leading brands – Royal Caribbean International, Celebrity Cruises and Silversea – together off the coast of St. Thomas for a rare “family” gathering.  

Bringing the three ships together from the three brands signified the beginning of a new era in travel, where innovation, sustainability and exceptional service meet to redefine the standard of vacation excellence across the seas.   

Each brand offers innovation at every turn, from state-of-the-art onboard amenities to groundbreaking environmental initiatives. Committed to transforming tomorrow while delivering exceptional experiences today, they ensure that every voyage leaves a lasting impression on our guests and the world around us:  

  • Royal Caribbean International delivers thrilling vacations for the contemporary and family market, welcoming guests to explore the world’s most exciting destinations while enjoying unparalleled onboard activities and entertainment.   
  • Celebrity Cruises, celebrated for elevating premium travel, invites travelers to enjoy the intimate feel and thoughtful service of a smaller ship, the variety and excitement of a bigger one, and experiences you won’t find anywhere else.   
  • Silversea sets the standard for ultra-luxury and expedition cruising, providing cultured travelers with intimate voyages to exotic destinations, personalized service, and unparalleled elegance.  

Together, these brands turn the vacation of a lifetime into a lifetime of vacations.  

With experiences catering to every phase of life and aspiration, as well as variety and quality like no other, Royal Caribbean Group empowers travelers to embark on a lifetime of discovery and adventure, seeing the world with confidence and ease on the stunning ships that comprise their fleet.