Feb 23, 2018 · News

It’s a name game, and Royal Caribbean’s a winner

What’s in a name?

While it may stand for work, it can also bespeak fun, big fun. While it’s not all fun, it can promise people, things and places rarely offered by other companies. And as it does all this, it can serve it up and more with solidity, a seemingly boundless future and an insistence on ethical behavior for itself and employees.

It’s now a fact that such a name, Royal Caribbean, can earn the status of number two on a list of 10 such organizations in America, attained from among a half-million “votes.”

The business-and-jobs networking outfit LinkedIn has just announced its 10 most-viewed U.S. job posts in 2017 for which it sorted some 500,000 hits on employment opportunities listed on its website.

“Summer intern at Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.” ranked second among all other companies that posted open job slots on LinkedIn last year. (Perhaps because it didn’t launch any spaceships or electric vehicles, RCL missed the top slot taken by Tesla.)

“Whether you work for a big brand name or tiny startup,” LinkedIn noted, “there are lessons that any recruiter can take away from this ranking in order to make your job posts stand out.”

One of them is highlighting an opportunity for the applicants to grow and advance their careers.

“This is especially important for entry-level or internship positions,” LinkedIn explains. “Royal Caribbean says that interns ‘will be a part of our dynamic, global workforce and gain insight into how we create the products, systems and services that help us deliver the best vacation experience to our guests on land and at sea.’ They go on to say the company ‘has a wide range of departments that recruit undergrads or students with advanced degrees’ and lists each department.”

It’s hard to miss that the top 10 are well-known. So it’s also about branding.

In covering LinkedIn’s announcement, CBS MoneyWatch concluded: “Even if the jobs don’t share pay levels in common, they do all have one commonality: strong brands.

“Workers seek out jobs at well-known brands because of the identity boost from aligning with a company that has a positive image. It’s also increasingly important to American workers that their employers take a stand on political issues, including community and social issues, which some top brands are increasingly doing.”

That’s Royal Caribbean all over. The company was recently cited as one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies – for the third year running. Last year, for the second time in a row, it was named a “Best Place to Work for LGBTQ Equality” after scoring a perfect 100 on the Human Rights Campaign’s 2018 Corporate Equality Index. RCL has been certified as the first Autism Friendly Cruise Line. The list goes on.

What’s in a name? As one of the most recognizable brands in the world and for all that goes into making that brand, the name is Caribbean, Royal Caribbean.

It’s a hot place for a cool job. Fact.