We will deliver the world’s best cruise experience, safely.


We are thoughtfully designing our comprehensive program to protect everyone’s health while continuing to deliver the memorable cruise vacations synonymous with Royal Caribbean Group.

For 50 years, under our banner of continuous improvement, we have raised the bar again and again on safety standards in the industry. Together with experts on the Healthy Sail Panel, regulators like the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and destination partners around the world, we are applying the best available science, technology, engineering and public health principles to develop our Healthy Sailing program.

Healthy Sail Panel findings

The panel recommends 74 detailed steps to safeguard the health of guests, crew and communities

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Experts recommend heightened protocols for the healthy return of sailing

Healthy Sail Panel recommends 74 detailed steps to safeguard the health of guests, crew and communities

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The Healthy Sail Panel, a group of globally recognized experts assembled by Royal Caribbean Group and Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd., has concluded cruising can be safer in the current health environment with a robust set of science-backed protocols. Through research and their relevant experience in various disciplines including public health, infectious diseases, biosecurity, hospitality and marine operations, the panelists have identified more than 70 recommendations across five focus areas. The panel was assembled by Royal Caribbean Group and Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd., along with co-chairs Governor Mike Leavitt, and Dr. Scott Gottlieb.

The panel’s 5 areas of focus


Take aggressive measures to prevent COVID-19 from entering a ship through robust education, screening and testing of both crew and guests prior to embarkation



Exposure reduction


Reduce transmission via air management strategies and sanitation practices




Implement detailed plans for addressing any positive infection onboard, including contingencies for onboard treatment and evacuation


Contingency planning & execution


Closely control shore excursions

Destination & excursion planning


Enhance protection for crew members

Mitigating risks for crew members

Healthy Sail Panel

Introducing Royal Caribbean Group’s and Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings’ “Healthy Sail Panel” — a team of cross-disciplinary experts enlisted to guide the cruise industry’s way forward in response to COVID-19. Comprised of globally recognized specialists in public health, infectious diseases, hospitality and maritime operations, the panel will advise us on a science-backed plan for a healthy return to service that ensures the wellbeing of our guests and crew as well as the communities we visit. 

Governor Michael Leavitt 

Leavitt Partners, Founder, Former Governor of Utah and Secretary of Health and Human Services under President George W. Bush.

Dr. Scott Gottlieb

Resident Fellow at AEI, Contributor at CNBC and Former Commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

More healthy sailing news

Royal Caribbean Group is participating in the SafePASS research project which is working towards making cruising safer. Please help us in this effort by completing a short questionnaire. This survey is designed for cruise ship passengers. Please do not take this survey if you have never been a cruise ship passenger, or if you have already taken it.