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We have a responsibility to our guests, crew and partners to deliver vacations that are as safe as they are memorable.

For decades, we, along with the cruise industry, have introduced, enhanced and reinvented health and safety standards that meet or go beyond the requirements developed by national and international regulators, including assembling a Marine Advisory Board with leading maritime safety experts, introducing the industry’s first integrated Safety Command Center on board our ships, and simplifying the safety drill.

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Allegations of crime, missing person reports and medical emergencies are taken seriously, and we are committed to responding in an effective and caring manner for those involved. Each of our ships is staffed with dedicated security and medical teams to respond, and they are onboard, on duty and available at all times.

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The Group’s safety and security preparedness efforts include training our crew to handle situations to minimize their impact on guest and crew.



Led by medical professionals, the CareTeam is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to provide support during a family tragedy at home, an illness or emergency onboard, or an incident while ashore.

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We work closely with U.S. and other governmental public health authorities where our ships sail to ensure that we comply with their laws and regulations. To measure our compliance, our ships are inspected by governmental authorities, third-party public health experts and our own internal inspectors.

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