It means everything that we are here for one another

We believe that for a business to thrive, its place is not just to be in a community but to be a part of it. 

We are passionate about protecting the oceans we sail and the communities we visit and about educating future generations to be the change. We strive to be a good neighbor, so when a destination’s most critical need is not education or conservation but necessities like clean water or a community center, we support those initiatives through partnerships and social impact projects to enhance the lives of those within the community. 

Ocean conservation

We have a responsibility to the guests who sail with us, the people who work for us and the communities we visit, but most critically we have a responsibility to the oceans – they are not only at the heart of our business, but connect each and every one of us.

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We believe that a good education can change lives. Our efforts and programs include our owned and operated school in Haiti, on site mentoring programs and STEM education initiative all focused on changing lives and educating the next generation.

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100% of our executives serve on community boards.


We believe that being good destination steward is part of being a good neighbor. It involves building relationships and investing in practical tools and projects at destinations around the world with a target of supporting a more sustainable world.

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More than 2,000 Royal Caribbean Group volunteers head back to school for RCL’s annual G.I.V.E. Day, April 27, 2019. This year they tackled two schools in Hialeah, John G. DuPuis Elementary School and Palm Springs Middle School, launching a two-year renovation project for these schools, starting with painting and landscaping.


We believe in rising to the occasion. It is bred in our bones to give of ourselves and our time to organizations that benefit our people and the communities where we live and visit. We know that it all matters, the big efforts and the small ones.

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In keeping with our mission to enhance the wellbeing of our communities, Royal Caribbean Group is happy to offer monetary funding and in-kind cruise donations to non-profit organizations with like-minded goals.

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