Champion Communities and the Environment

We’re committed to empowering and inspiring the communities we visit, while protecting the oceans we sail.

Healthy Oceans and Communities

is produced onboard via desalination systems. 

are equipped with Advanced Wastewater Purification (AWP) systems.

by guest volunteers since 2014 to support reforestation efforts in Galapagos National Park.

to fund ocean conservation efforts in continued partnership with World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

Living our Blue Green PromiseSM

The Blue Green Promise is our commitment to supporting sustainable and resilient ocean communities around the world. It is the centerpiece of our community engagement efforts. The Promise encompasses three pillars:

• Protecting our oceans for and marine ecosystems for generations to come
• Inspiring future generations through education and skills training
• Empowering communities to sustain their cultural and economic vibrancy

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Sourcing sustainably

Sourcing from sustainable farms and fisheries is a high priority for Royal Caribbean Group, as it gives species time to replenish their population and protect biodiversity. In 2022, 82% of our wild-caught seafood was Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified and 77% of our farm-raised seafood was Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) certified.

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Kickstarting entrepreneurship

After investing $250,000 to help incubate small businesses in the Bahamas in 2021, we invested an additional $250,000 to support business growth in the community. This includes launching the Royal Caribbean Kickstarter Program to give entrepreneurs with innovative, tourism-related businesses a boost.

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Sustainability Fact Sheets

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Learn more about our strategies, initiatives and approach to ESG across our business with our 2022 fact sheets.

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