Help for guests and crew 24/7

In 2006, we established a dedicated team of trained specialists to provide a full range of emotional and logistical support if one of our guests experiences an emergency while sailing with us. In 2009, we extended this support to our crew members on all ships. In collaboration with our medical professionals onboard and shoreside, this group, known as the CareTeam, is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to provide support to our guests and crew during or after an emergency onboard or ashore in a port of call. The CareTeam Specialists, based at our headquarters in Miami, provide a much-needed coordination point for communication between Royal Caribbean Group and the affected guest, their family members, and traveling companions.

In 2010, we expanded the outreach of the CareTeam when we created a shipboard CareTeam Associate training program on each of our ships. A CareTeam Associate is a crew member available on each ship to enhance the shoreside efforts of the CareTeam Specialists in initiating specialized services and handling certain cases where the actual presence of an understanding and empathetic person is crucial. It is their responsibility to be available to provide emotional and logistical support to any guest or crew member who may need it. Our diverse group of CareTeam Associates are chosen because they are very dedicated, approachable, and compassionate. These individuals immediately become involved during the notification of an emergency and are available to accompany the affected guest or crew member as needed.

We fully understand that should an emergency arise during a cruise, the affected guest or crew member being far from home and away from family and friends can benefit from our trained professionals.