Royal Beach Club at Paradise Island, The Bahamas

Owned, built and operated by Bahamians

Royal Caribbean International, the world’s largest and most popular cruise line, is moving ahead with the development of the first Royal Beach Club after receiving approval from the government of The Bahamas. Crafted in close collaboration with the Bahamian government, the new project will feature an unprecedented public-private partnership in which Bahamians will be invited to own up to 49% equity. Local businesses and entrepreneurs will also have the opportunity to manage the vast majority of the experience. Overall, the new venture will generate hundreds of jobs across its construction and long-term operation. 

The 17-acre destination experience coming to the western end of Paradise Island near Nassau, The Bahamas, will combine the island’s striking beaches with the cruise line’s signature experiences to create the ultimate beach day – The Royal Beach Club at Paradise Island. Alongside private cabanas, stunning pools and more, the vibrant Bahamian spirit and culture will come to life throughout the world-class experience. Vacationers and Bahamians will be welcomed by local architecture that complements the exceptional views of The Bahamas’ turquoise-blue waters and white sand beaches, along with experiences that feature Bahamian fare, island-style barbecues, live music, and local artisans. 

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Royal Beach Club environmental commitment

At the foundation of Royal Caribbean’s plans is a combination of its rigorous company-wide sustainability principles and proven practices as well as the requirements of The Bahamas’ stringent environmental protection and planning process. The key components consist of six focuses:

Royal Beach Club economic impact to The Bahamas

Royal Beach Club is an authentic Bahamian experience that builds on a more than 50-year partnership with our most visited destination. The ultimate beach experience will complement the shopping, excursions, history, and cultural experiences that has drawn more than 30 million Royal Caribbean guests to The Bahamas since 1970.

Royal Caribbean’s relationship with the community

The Bahamas is more than just a destination on a cruise itinerary for Royal Caribbean: It’s a special corner of the world where, for more than half a century, we’ve made friends who are like family.

We support the community, now and in the future

  • Partnership with Bahamas Feeding Network; support the Berry Islands Community Center; provide supplies for local schools
  • Develop and operate sustainable projects
  • Support scholarships for LJM Maritime Academy students

Doing what’s right

  • Employ rigorous health and safety measures to protect residents of The Bahamas, employees and guests
  • Engage with local entrepreneurs to create business opportunities
  • Stimulate small business development through partnership with Access Accelerator
  • As a partner with the National Training Agency, provide job skills training, commit to hire Bahamians for shipboard and shoreside career positions

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Respect for the oceans is not a choice, it's a way of life.

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Images and messaging reflect current design concepts and may include artistic renderings and/or images. All features and experiences are subject to change without notice.