Earlier this year, Royal Caribbean Group (RCG) embarked on an exciting journey, breaking ground on a new Miami headquarters campus expansion. The groundbreaking ceremony, attended by esteemed county officials, company executives and employees, marked the beginning of a transformative phase for both Royal Caribbean Group and Miami-Dade County.  

The centerpiece of the expansion will become the new Miami Headquarters for the company – a stunning 10-story office building spanning more than 350,000 square feet. Designed by renowned architecture firm HOK, the headquarters will pay homage to RCG’s maritime heritage while providing employees with a dynamic and inspiring work environment. Drawing inspiration from their one-of-kind, innovative ships, the building will immerse employees in the vibrant Miami skyline and community.  

Committed to sustainability and responsible development, the new building will be LEED certified, featuring wellness amenities, green spaces, and many modern sustainable features.  

 In addition to the new headquarters, Royal Caribbean Group will construct a state-of-the-art, multi-level parking garage with retail outlets on the first level, designed to enhance the overall experience for employees and visitors alike.  

The groundbreaking ceremony underscores Royal Caribbean Group’s dedication to delivering exceptional experiences responsibly while setting new standards in corporate innovation and environmental stewardship. As the project progresses, so will career opportunities and growth prospects within the company.  

The construction of the new headquarters, expected to continue through 2026, serves as a testament to RCG’s deep-rooted commitment to Miami-Dade County, its home for more than 50 years.   

While the building comes to life, more details on design features and amenities will be revealed as Royal Caribbean Group continues to transform tomorrow for its team members.