Situated on a hill surrounded by lush tropical trees, L’Ecole Nouvelle Royal Caribbean sits as a beacon of hope and education for over 350 Haitian students. The school serves as a testament to Royal Caribbean Group’s deep commitment to Haiti, which spans over three decades. Since 1988, the Group has proudly called the northern part of Haiti home, fostering meaningful connections and making lasting contributions to the local communities for future generations. 

L’Ecole Nouvelle Royal Caribbean students gathered in the complex courtyard 

Commitment to inspiring future generations 

Royal Caribbean Group has committed to SEA the Future while delivering vacations that sustain our planet, energize the communities in which we operate and accelerate innovation to provide extraordinary experiences to our guests. L’Ecole Nouvelle Royal Caribbean has become the foundation for us to offer support in the communities of Labadee and inspire future generations through educational opportunities.  

L’Ecole Nouvelle officially opened on October 12, 2010, making it one of the first schools in Haiti built after the devastating 2010 earthquake. 

The 6,500-square-foot school complex consists of six buildings, each with 12 classrooms, administrative offices, and a computer lab. The school was designed to be both energy-efficient and waterproof, built with fiber composite panels that were transported to Haiti on Royal Caribbean cruise ships. The sturdy materials ensured that the school could withstand future disasters threatening the island, sustaining hurricane winds, and resisting earthquake conditions. 

Students celebrating Haitian Carnival at L’Ecole Nouvelle 

“What better way to help Haiti than by educating the children,” said Helen O’Connell, Associate Vice President, Community and Engagement, Royal Caribbean Group. “Although we can only be a small part of the solution, we believe our model school is a good start. We hope these children will develop into leaders who will guide Haiti’s recovery in the future.” 

L’Ecole Nouvelle teaches Haitian children from pre-kindergarten through 9th grade using a curriculum developed by its partner, the Prodev Foundation. It offers primary education in keeping with the government’s standards, as well as classes in English. And in the evenings, after the students head home, the school opens to adults who need vocational training.  

L’Ecole Nouvelle offers a quality education with financial support. Once enrolled, the students receive transportation, health insurance, and meals from the school, and after graduation, they can continue their education through scholarships at a Cap-Haitien high school. As its students continue to excel in national testing, L’Ecole Nouvelle remains a place of education and opportunity for both Haitian youth and adults. 

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