Royal Caribbean Group has committed to SEA the Future while delivering vacations that sustain our planet, energize the communities in which they operate and accelerate innovation to provide extraordinary experiences to their guests. Royal Caribbean International’s Artist Discovery Program: Caribbean Edition honed in on the commitment to energize communities by more deeply connecting guests to local cultures.   

Launched with great anticipation in the spring of 2023, a first- ever call to artists aimed to celebrate the rich artistic talent thriving in the Caribbean region. The program received an overwhelming response. Over 140 talented artists from across 25 Caribbean countries submitted their iconic pieces. This unprecedented call to artists spanned multiple art forms, from traditional paintings to contemporary installations, highlighting the Caribbean’s diverse and dynamic artistic landscape. After the committee review and consideration, a select group of artists emerged as the shining stars of the Artist Discovery Program: Caribbean Edition.   

These visionary artists were entrusted with creating captivating large-scale murals strategically placed in key locations throughout Icon of the Seas. These locations include the Royal Promenade neighborhood, serving as the vibrant hub of the ship, the main entrance of Icon, greeting guests with artistic grandeur, and within the serene yet captivating Suite Neighborhood.  

Starboard side Aft “Funky Nassau” by Angelika Wallace-Whitfield, Nassau, The Bahamas 

Michael Bayley, the President and CEO of Royal Caribbean International, expressed his awe at the depth of talent and creativity displayed by the artists. “The submissions we received were nothing short of breathtaking,” Bayley stated. “Each piece told a unique story, capturing the essence and allure of the Caribbean in a way that resonates with our guests.”  

The Artists from Artist Discovery Program: Caribbean Edition 

Angelika Wallace, The Bahamas  

Angelika Wallace-Whitfield, owner of Blank Canvas, is a visual artist and curator from The Bahamas. Angelika brings her vibrant perspective to life in her murals “Funky Nassau” and “Briland.” The pieces, infused with the colors of Bahamian culture, induce a sense of joy and wonder, celebrating the essence of the Bahamas.  

Philippe Dodard, Haiti   

Philippe Dodard, a globally renowned Haitian graphic artist, and painter, channels his passion for the sea into a mesmerizing mosaic titled “Radiant Azur.” Inspired by our eternal fascination with the open waters, Dodard’s piece captures the essence of exploration and adventure.  


Jason Hospedales, Trinidad & Tobago 

Representing Trinidad & Tobago, Jason Hospedales brings his bold artistic vision to life in the mural “I am In You and You Are in Me” in the Suite Neighborhood. This vibrant masterpiece encapsulates the audacious spirit of the Caribbean, celebrating love, life, and the interconnectedness of humanity.  

These exceptional artists spent time on board Icon of the Seas as distinguished artists in residence. They collaborated closely with Royal Caribbean International’s Newbuilding team in Cadiz, Spain, and Ponce, Puerto Rico. This collaboration ensured that each mural not only reflected the artist’s unique style but also seamlessly integrated with the ship’s overall design aesthetic, creating an immersive experience for guests.  

As Icon of the Seas set sail on its maiden voyages, these awe-inspiring murals stood as testaments to the enduring beauty and creativity of the Caribbean. Millions of guests embarking on Icon will now have the privilege of experiencing these captivating works of art firsthand, further enhancing their vacation journey with Royal Caribbean.  

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